20/20 vision with pinhole glasses and proper nutrition

I've never had eye problems, always had 20/20 vision since birth, much to my family's astonishment when I was so famous for my attachment to the television set in the living room. I watch tv more than I do anything else in my younger years and only stopped when I got married to my enigma. Turning off the tv forever really changed me, for the better, but that's another story to tell in a different article. Anyway, I guess not being a bookworm, watching tv (back then) only with sufficient light in the room and not being a fan of fatty food were some of the reasons why my eyes still have perfect vision at the age of 32.

Mr. D on the other hand (who is actually younger than me) was a certified bookworm, still is and is guilty of reading at night with a flashlight. Yes, a flashlight. So, I wasn't surprised when his vision started to blur around 2004, the same time he started working after graduation. In our line of work, we are always in front of the computer for long hours and I guess his eyes couldn't take it anymore. He got prescription glasses, of course (we didn't know how bad a move that was in those days), and then the migraines which he never had before started to pop up on a weekly basis. Coincidence? There is no such thing, just like luck. We knew that wearing prescription glasses was definitely linked to the headaches and we wanted them to stop. We only took action about 2 years ago after finding out that his vision was getting worse and he had to get new lenses with higher grades. So we researched and discovered pinhole glasses.

Pinhole glasses have been around for a long time much to our surprise, they're not just popular because we don't see them being advertised on television or other forms of media. They are not made of glass or even steel but of plastic, making them, you've guessed it, super inexpensive. I'm not really that good at explaining the science behind why wearing these light weight plastic glasses and looking through the holes (around 15 minutes a day) can help get your vision back to 20/20 but it really works. It's gives your eyes the work out it needs to get back in shape and keep fit. For a more detailed and scientific description of how these amazing glasses work, check out these articles: Pinhole Glasses and Myopia Vision Prevention.

We bought our first pair from an OLX.ph seller for Php450 plus shipping fee. I use it from time to time and they're quite relaxing to have on. I wear them while I surf the net and read books, they feel great on. Mr. D wore them for 15 minutes a day, sometimes even more for 6 whole months. That combined with our already healthy lifestyle (free of fast food, processed food, canned goods, aspartame, msg) did the trick. Goodbye prescription glasses, his eyes are back in shape and his vision completely restored. He still wears it today from time to time, just to keep his eye muscles fit but only on the weekends. By the way, walking and running (outside) or even driving with these glasses on is not recommended for the obvious reasons. Just wanted to make sure you guys know, to be on the safe side. :)

Here's the actual pair of pinhole glasses that we own. I used the Nikon SLR to take the not so good pictures. Sorry, I'm still a bit rusty haha. We prefer this design than the others (aviator, wayfarers, etc) which lets light in from the side that can distract our eyes, ours doesn't.

Why not try getting a pair and see for yourself. Just remember that this may not work for everybody, there are a lot of reasons for poor vision (like cataracts) which can be caused by artificial sugar intake and poor nutrition (bad food choices), eliminate those first by choosing a healthy lifestyle. We personally know people who have pinhole glasses but never really got off the prescription glasses train, and that's because of their food choices. They still eat junk food, fast food, processed meats, soda, thus making it impossible for their eyes to heal entirely. So, don't be discouraged immediately when you don't get the effects you want right away. Check your diet, eliminate the bad ones that might be contributing to your blurry vision and see the definite change after. And as I always say, research.

Have you encountered pinhole glasses before?

Article published on May 26, 2015