Films suitable for kids but still with parental supervision

As parents we are very particular about everything when it comes to our kids. We are careful about the food that they eat, their surroundings, in choosing the schools that they go to, the books that they read, the toys that they play with, the company that they keep and even the clothes that they wear. So why not be concerned about the films that they are allowed to watch, right? Contrary to popular belief, not all cartoons are safe for children as long as they have a G rating on them. I remember watching this popular tv special where one of the main characters said that "No gifts, means no Christmas." and my eldest went "But Jesus is the reason for Christmas, not the gifts. Right, Mommy?" Good thing I was right there to reinforce the true meaning of the season to her. If we don't educate our own children, the rest of the world will, and from where I'm looking at, it won't do them any good.  

There are only a handful of movies that we personally let our kids watch but still with adult supervision none the less, no matter what the film ratings says in the parental guidelines. Mr. D and I still want to be there, ready to answer any of the questions that may pop up in their cute little heads. We don't want any misconceptions imprinted on them, so we'd rather catch and correct it early on. Watching movies together once in a while with our kids is another great way to spend time with them. We get to talk about the film after and share our thoughts on it. Two of the films that we recommend are both produced by Warner Bros., which we let them watch repeatedly now by themselves after the first two times we saw them together. Of course we talked about both movies at length too, just to make sure they understand the lessons and things they shouldn't be mimicking.

The Iron Giant (1999)

If you aren't familiar with the beautiful story of friendship between the lonely nine-year old boy Hogarth and the Iron Giant who fell from outer space, then you're missing out on one of the best animated movies in my honest opinion. It is also an underrated film (kind of like Ender's Game) which I find absolutely mind-boggling. I've watched it more than a dozen times and enjoy it still.  

I always cry during the last part when the Iron Giant flies up to stop the missile and says "Superman" just before impact, always relieved after seeing him alive somewhere in Iceland. I just saw it again the other day before letting Miss Artsy watch it, still got teary eyed at the missile part. Guess, I'm a hopeless case when it comes to scenes like that. My daughter liked the movie and was laughing most of the time, she thought the Iron Giant was amazing, she's watching it again right now haha.

Free Willy (1993)

Who doesn't know the famous whale named Willy (Keiko in real life) from the movie Free Willy? Again another brilliant film produced by Warner Bros. captured the hearts of many through a story of friendship between a delinquent boy, Jesse who becomes very attached to a captive orca named Willy. I remember  watching it for the first time when I was 15 years old and downright thought it was the coolest movie ever after the Karate Kid haha. If you or your kids haven't seen it, then it's high time you did! It was such a success that they made three sequels after, which I don't highly recommend except for the second one.

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Article published on May 19, 2015