Made To Order Custom Eraser Stamps

I discovered the art of rubber stamping around 8 months ago when I was shopping for supplies (on Instagram) that I would need for the party DIY projects for our youngest daughter's soiree last year. Right now, I actually own a 2 boxes of alphabet stamps, a number stamp est, plus custom ones and a couple of border stamps which Miss Artsy and I use for craft projects, personalizing notebooks and even for decorating our planners. It's safe to say that we fell hard for stamps, they're great additions to our craft piles for sure. 

I came across ARTeesCollection when I was on the hunt for paper mache letter standees, the shop carried different arts and crafts supplies which to my delight also included custom handmade eraser stamps. I bought letter standees on different occasions, ink pads, colorful gift tags, mini frame sets, jute twines and a lot more but let's focus on the handmade stamps for now. It was the first time I've heard that we could have custom eraser stamps made haha and I just couldn't wait to have some of my own. So I immediately sent Ms. Joana a message thru the Viber number provided on her shop's Instagram profile and made inquiries. Found out that it she needs 1-2 weeks lead time for the MTO hand-carved stamps and the designs (some of which I intended to gift to friends) I sent her cost less than Php200 each. I thought they were reasonably priced so I finalized my orders and settled the payment right away.

A photo posted by Artees Collection (@arteescollection) on

A photo posted by Artees Collection (@arteescollection) on

It was another smooth transaction from a local Intagram shop for me, I received my custom stamps in less than two weeks and found them lovely. I've used them a number of times for various occasions since the day they were delivered, even my daughter loves using them. Aren't they just adorable and beautifully crafted?

I'm actually saving up for a Speedball Lino Cutter and rubber eraser blocks right now. Yes, I'm planning to try making hand-carved stamps myself but just for a DIY article for the blog haha. Maybe I might just have a knack for it, who knows?

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Article published on May 28, 2015