Book fair! Books for 20 pesos!

So a fellow blogger and friend, Mommy Erica of Stuck With 3, tagged me on a photo/poster (this was on Facebook) of the Scholastic's Summer 2015 Warehouse Sale thinking I would be interested. And she was absolutely right on the mark for assuming that! I hurriedly told Mr. D about it since I prefer letting him do everything that requires leaving the house haha. The book fair immediately became the Daddy-Daughter date venue of that week much to Miss Artsy's delight. It also didn't hurt that the warehouse is in Rosario, Pasig which is just a couple of minutes away from where we reside at.

We've never been to that area of Pasig before, so we enlisted the help of Google Maps to find out how to get there, combined with a very detailed and informative article from Mommy Mama RAT about the author's personal experience at the warehouse sale which I recommend that you read, here. It took Mr. D a couple of minutes of looking at the map and reading the commuting directions provided by the blog article, before he got dressed and finally left with our daughter.

Touchdown at #70 C. Raymundo Avenue, Rosario, Pasig! Here they go, photo credits to Mr. D who the took time to take shots in the heat of the day, just for little o me. How can I not love the guy, right?

It was a hot Saturday afternoon, good thing both Mr. D and Miss Artsy wore light and breathable clothes since they weren't expecting a fully air-conditioned warehouse to shop for books in. By the way, we started to try and educate our daughter about the value of money fairly recently and saw this very book sale as an opportunity to teach her about shopping on a budget. With that in mind I suggested sticking to books that were priced at 20 pesos or 50 at the most, and only gave them a total budget of just Php1000 to spend at the fair. I wasn't expecting much, I mean a 20 peso book? Boy, was I dead wrong, which was great in this case haha.

It took them an hour to get all of the books the budget limit I gave them could afford. They had a quick snack at their favorite cooling off joint, The Ice Cream House, this time in Pasig before heading back home. I didn't even know there was one near here, haven't eaten in any of their stores yet for that matter. I have to rectify that soon, heard their menu is a healthy one. Now back to the warehouse sale, check out what my husband and daughter took home!

I wasn't surprised at all that Miss Artsy bought a ton of Magic School Bus books since Science is one of her personal favorites, just couldn't believe she got them dirt cheap and still in good condition. There was also an assortment of prints about math, science and a little bit of literature which I gather are for home school. I just went "Great going guys, awesome finds!" Mr. D being the certified bookworm bought some pieces for himself which  he honestly thought were still priced pretty reasonably, ranging from Php195-210 which isn't that bad for the classics like Anne Frank. Here's the actual list of the books they got:
  1. The Magic School Bus: The Wild Whale Watch (Php120 to Php20)
  2. The Magic School Bus: The Truth About Bats (Php120 to Php20)
  3. The Magic School Bus: Sees Stars (Php450 to Php20)
  4. The Magic School Bus: Going Batty (Php150 to Php49)
  5. The Magic School Bus: Blows Its Top (Php150 to Php49)
  6. The Magic School Bus: In The Arctic (Php150 to Php20)
  7. The Magic School Bus: Wet All Over (Php150 to Php49)
  8. The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip (Php225 to Php20) 
  9. A Jigsaw Jones Mystery: The Case of the Stolen Baseball Cards (Php130 to Php20)
  10. A Jigsaw Jones Mystery: The Case of the Stinky Science Project (Php130 to Php20)
  11. A to Z Mysteries: The Missing Mummy (Php20)
  12. The Secret Cipher Cases (Php125 to Php20)
  13. Science Vocabulary Readers: Busy Honeybees (Php95 to Php20)
  14. Science Vocabulary Readers: What Is an Insect (Php95 to Php20)
  15. Scholastic Reader: Butterflies (Php125 to Php20)
  16. A True Book: Experiments with Magnets (Php120 to Php20)
  17. Sea Creatures (Php20)
  18. Stargazers (Php175 to Php20)
  19. Sir Cumference and the Isle of Immeter (Php165 to Php20)
  20. Poetry for Young People: William Shakespeare (Php225 to Php20)
  21. Managing Change in Schools (Php20)
  22. How To Add & Subtract Grade 1 (Php185 to Php20)
  23. Numeracy Tests 5 (Php95 to Php20)
  24. Maths For Home Book 4 (Php145 to Php20)
  25. Nature Guides (Php125 to Php30)
  26. Iron Man 3: The Movie Story Book (Php345 to Php20)
  27. How Kids Grow (Php20)
  28. Captain Underpants and the Big Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy Part 1: The Night of the Nasty Nostril Nuggets (Php210 to Php20)
  29. Science Experiments You Can Eat (Php135 to Php20)
  30. Zoom! The Invisible World of... Ocean Life (Php175 to Php20)
  31. Owen & Mzee; The Language of Friendship (Php395 to Php20)
  32. Out of Sight: Pictures of Hidden Worlds (Php20)
  33. Usborne Young Reading: Nelson (Php195)
  34. Usborne Young Reading: Anne Frank (Php195)
  35. Cryptid Hunters (Php210)
  36. The Royal Diaries: Kazunomiya (Php295 to Php20)
  37. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Horse and His Boy (Php20)
  38. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair (Php225 to Php20)
  39. The Indian In The Cupboard (Php100 to Php20)
  40. The Fledgling: A Newbery Honor Book (Php145 to Php20)
  41. The Golden Fleece and the Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles (Php20) 

They scored a total of 41 books for just Php961 and they were all amazing printed work at that.  I was absolutely impressed with their book haul. They had fun without having to spend much. Our daughter even exclaimed that it was the best Daddy-Daughter date they ever had and couldn't stop telling other people about her book finds. She called her friends (she does telebabad now), my cousins, her great grandma, and everyone else on her contact list with home numbers haha. Do you think they have cook books with lots of pictures? I never did get to ask Mr. D about that... We're planning to have another go one of these days knowing fully well that they still have books in storage. Who knows what's available on display next time right? More Magic School Bus hopefully haha.

The Scholastic Sizzling Summer Sale 2015 runs from March 23 to May 24, located at #70 C. Raymundo Avenue, Rosario, Pasig. They're open everyday except on Sundays from 9am to 6pm, so you still have time to drop by and shop for books at rock bottom prices! Don't miss out on the great deals they offer at the warehouse sale!

  • Don't forget to bring ecobags
  • Dress in comfortable and light clothes for the heat
  • They accept major credit cards
  • Not all books are in mint condition, inspect each of them
  • Cabs don't frequent the area
  • Bring water to keep hydrated

Article published on May 6, 2015