Ok Ka Ba Tiyan?!

Parts of our house reeks of Yakult at certain times of the day, care of our son who loves the probiotic drink so much that he sometimes tries to bathe in it. Yes, there were a few instances where we caught him red handed, pouring half a bottle of the cultured milk down his pants or worse, on his head. He recently refrained from trying to infuse himself with it but he still spills a bit of the yummy drink or gets it on his hands and everything else he touches around the house for that matter. It is a sticky mess alright but who doesn't love that smell? Haha. We buy at least 20 packs of Yakult a week just for our kids minus Mr. D, the baby and I. I know it might seem too much, but they can finish the whole lot all by themselves. And on some occasions, 20 packs doesn't even last until the next grocery day. I'm dead serious. We have raised a pack of Yakult monsters haha. 

I grew up with Yakult. Did you? It's no wonder that it became a staple drink in my own household after I got married and had children. It is our kids' favorite none the less. I still drink it to this day, it keeps my tummy healthy as a cow and the taste, we just have to admit is on a league of its own. But what is Yakult anyway?  And what is Lactobacillus Casei Shirota strain?

"Yakult is a cultured milk containing 8 billion live Lactobacillus Casei Shirota strain, discovered by Dr. Minoru Shirota in 1930s and has been fulfilling its promise of providing good health and long life to Filipinos since 1978."

Lactobacillus Casei Shirota strain is the good probiotic bacteria that produces beneficial substances for our body. It suppresses the harmful effects that some bacteria present in our intestines pose. These tummy friendly bacteria are not only vital for the proper development of our immune system, but these probiotics also help sustain healthy immune function by promoting healthy bacterial growth and preventing the introduction of harmful bacteria strains.

My readers should know by now that I never grace hospitals or clinics with my presence. I don't take medication or any synthetic drugs either. Instead, I promote choosing a healthy lifestyle through and through. It might seem hard but it's not impossible. This way of life can save you from the stress and hassle of getting sick, lost time from being ill and recovering (time which you can never get back), contracting diseases in general, cancer and of course hospital bills and medication expenses. This is why I truly think highly of the Yakult company's mission, which is to help people maintain health through the principles of preventive medicine.  Prevention is always better than cure.
Dr. Minoru Shirota who I deeply admire, believes that we should take preventive measures so that people do not become ill. People absorb nutrition through the intestines and by keeping our intestines healthy, we can live long, healthy lives. Their probiotic drink can help us achieve that. He also wants as many people as possible to be able to protect their intestines and stay healthy by drinking Yakult, so the price must be reasonable, hence the small bottle. His vision of making this amazing drink available to everyone with the strong belief that good health should be accessible for all is definitely mirrored in the economical single-serve size Yakult comes in. Yes, the bottle size is actually designed based on economy in order to make it affordable and within reach of everybody in the country.  

So why should we drink Yakult everyday?

  • It increases beneficial bacteria and decreases harmful bacteria
  • It prevents intestinal infection
  • It inhibits production of harmful substance
  • It helps replenish good bacteria after taking antibiotics
  • It promotes better absorption of food 
  • It improves bowel movement
Need I say more on the subject, or have I convinced you to make Yakult a daily habit too?

Uh oh, somebody's getting impatient seeing a pack of his Yakult out of the fridge, being used as subject for a photo op haha. He actually finished the whole pack, by himself, in less than an hour. I told you, Yakult monster.

Myth Busted: I have it on good authority that we can drink as much Yakult as we want. It is not true that there is a limit in drinking Yakult. People who actually work at the Yakult factory in Laguna, drink it by the glassful. Yes, you've read it right, they use glasses! The only other reason why the bottle is small is to lessen the chances of contamination since you can drink it in one go. Larger sized bottles might mean left overs and risking the death of the good bacteria in our favorite probiotic drink.

Dr. Shirota and I agree that when it comes to health, prevention is ALWAYS better than cure. So here's a friendly advice from both of us, make Yakult part of your family's daily habit so that everyday "ok ang tiyan!" Remember, health is wealth! God bless. 

*Actually drinking one now as I'm finishing up this write up, and it's my third one haha. 


Article published on April 13, 2015