Social Media can get your business there

I'm a consumer as well as a mom entrepreneur, but mostly a consumer (I have to fix that one of these days haha). I know how big the influence of social media is, when it comes to a lot of the purchases that people make nowadays. Most of us, we have to admit, like it when our favorite brands are active online through social media giants like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Young people of this generation mostly love the idea of being able to check in at places (shops, restaurants), give instant feedback (comments, ratings) or even just tag their brands in posts they make on their personal social accounts. And the not so young aren't that far behind in joining the same bandwagon.

Social Media is growing at an exponential rate. It is where customers and potential customers of any brand are - every single day. Well, I am haha. Social media presence has become a necessity for businesses everywhere no matter how big or small because with the right strategy, it has the power entrepreneurs need in order to grow their ventures.

  • Social Media gives your business a voice.
    It can pave the way of getting your brand or company out there without spending on ads and tv commercials which we have to admit costs a lot. You can keep your clients up to date on the latest about your brand,  like for promos, discounts and new product or services.

  • Social Media increases your brand awareness.
    You can market your brand all around the world. You won't be limited to just reaching your usual local audience when you make your social media presence make its mark. The success stories of small companies that were scouted through Facebook and got to sell their products in the international market scene is countless and truly encouraging for small business owners.

  • Social Media helps you build relationships with your clients.
    Audience engagement is the key. You get to interact with your clients with ease using social media no matter where they or you are. Who doesn't like the personal touch when it comes to services right? People go to a shop for the products but they comeback for excellent service.

  • Social Media lets you find potential customers and expand your client base.
    Chances are, people who haven't even heard about your business but are interested in the products and services you offer will find you, no matter where in the world they are. This is the right kind of reach a business needs in order to expand their company in the future.

  • Social Media gives you instant feedback from customers.
    You get to know their thoughts and do damage control asap if the need arises. People are more honest, confident and expressive on social media, they'll tell you right away what they think about your product or service. In the end it will just be a case of whether your product/service is great or not for you to receive positive reviews or bad ratings. Just provide them with amazing products/services & good deals and your business will be fine.
Without social media, the chances of expanding a business these days are rather slim or even close to none existent. Yes, that's how powerful Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become. If you want to make it big and grow your business, social media is definitely one that can help get you there which definitely stretches your peso!.

Article published on April 29, 2015