Believe it or not but I have never been to Japan Home Centre before. Or maybe you're not surprised since I'm guilty of always mentioning my mom cave and how attached I am to it haha. I remember Mr. D telling me that there are actually around 3 Japan Home Centre branches near our place, and that they have different products to offer in each one. I know, I know, I definitely should go out. At least just to visit a Japan Home store and do some serious shopping right? Haha.

Mr. D is the only one who goes out for shopping purposes, which is fine by me, and going to the nearest Japan Home Centre is always on his list of stopovers. He buys from them on a regular basis, every week I think. Items for our home, the kitchen, the kids, personal stuff for men or women, Japan specialty items and even food (those seaweed snacks are my favorite)! Anyway, 2 weeks ago, I asked him to get me a set of micro fiber wash cloths for the house and a pot cover handle, since the one for my favorite stainless steel pan has a lot of nicks and could break anytime. Look at what he took home.

Yes, other than the micro fiber cloths and pot cover handle, he got me a 32oz clear, wide mouth Ball mason jar. He really gets me, mason jars are my thing and he knows it, especially the Ball brand for canning and jarring food. He also got some much needed child proofing products which we are in dire need of, now that our youngest is toddling around the house and could get hurt quite easily with each clumsy and awkward step she takes. Mr. D also got a flower craft punch for Miss Artsy (which she adores so much, that we colorful flower confetti scattered all over the house now), a small toy propeller for the Little Hulk (super inexpensive and fun, we won't cry over it when he breaks it with that kind of price tag attached haha) and some stuff for his best bud at the office.

From what I've seen so far from the items Japan Home Centre has in store for their customers, it isn't a big mystery why a lot of people visit their store, shop and come back for more. I think they have everything and it'll just come down to how much money you have on you at the time haha. You'll run out of cash before running out of things to buy at their store, which was exactly what Mr. D told me. Now eying some Japanese style tea pots I saw on their Facebook page, and dying to see their selection of Bento tools. Maybe, I might just visit their store one of these days, but then again, Mr. D could do that for me haha. 

Are you a Japan Home Centre suki like our family? What's your latest haul from their store?

Article published on April 22, 2015