Do It Yourself Mom and Daughter Tandem, strikes again

So my daughter's former classmate is celebrating her birthday this month and she lives just a couple of blocks away from us. Miss Artsy bought her a set of colorful pens and a cute planner from one of the Instagram craft stores I frequent, with her own money mind you. She browsed through the Instagram shop's items, picked the ones she confidently knew her friend will love and gave me the money to pay for them. I shouldered the shipping fee because I had orders from the store (DDecoArtPH) as well, it was an Anniversary SALE I couldn't afford to miss out on, being a newbie crafter and all. I needed to stock up on supplies and build my art arsenal like some would say but without breaking the bank. It's just like what Mr. D always says, "Purchasing items on sale is the only way to go!" haha. You get to pay less and actually buy more items as a result.

Anyway, the minute we received our orders, we (Miss Artsy and I) both quickly decided that the gift wrapping would be a DIY project instead of the usual store-bought wrappers. We saw it as a golden opportunity to use our growing rubber stamp collection plus we didn't have the time to go out to buy a gift wrapper anyway, we actually needed this done yesterday haha. Another thing is remembering that I never did get to document the vintage DIY loot bags we did for our youngest one's first birthday last year which had the same concept of using the brown paper lunch bags. I badly wanted to share that one with you, and now I can with this project! So here we go:

Here is the list of materials and tools that we used for this DIY project:
  • Brown Paper Bag
  • Gift Tag with eyelet
  • Jute Twine
  • Color Kiss Ink Pads
  • Rubber stamps
  • Single Hole Puncher
We didn't purchase anything at all because we wanted to use only what was already available around the house, which included my past craft hauls from Instagram shops since last year. We have stocks of brown paper bags of different sizes left over from last year's DIY soiree we threw for the Little Miss Banshee. The ink pads, Jute twine and gift tags with eyelet were all bought months ago from Artees Collection, our existing rubber stamp collection were from Caboodle Box and DDecoArtPh (for the recent addition), the hole puncher was mine.

We only had 4 colored ink pads to chooses from (we need more) and decided on a combination of red and purple. Miss Arsty wanted one side of the paper bag to have stars on it, and the other with the round floral one.

After decorating the paper bag by stamping the star and floral pattern on each side, we place the items inside (a hand-made birthday card, a Happy Day pen set and pink Minimate Diary which we also bought from DDecoArtPH), folded the top of the paper bag and punched a hole in the middle. My girl wrote a note on the gift tag and secured it with the Jute twine which also served as the seal for the gift bag. She added some stickers and that's it.

Craft projects in my book is a great way to spend the afternoon with my child. It lets her creativity run wild and mine as well. It's one of our favorite fun learning activities that we can do together other than shopping on Instagram, talking Mr. D to death, and cooking or burning the house down haha. More of my and Miss Artsy's DIY projects to be posted on the blog. Hope you like this one! God bless.

Article published on April 27, 2015