Best Chocolate Cake ever!

Meet the creme de la creme of cakes, one of Honey Glaze Cakes' wonderful offerings, Ms. Aileen's signature Belgian Chocolate cake. If you're a chocolate lover or cake enthusiast and haven't tried this particular one, then let me just say that you are missing out on one of the best chocolate cakes in the country or the world even. Celebrities like Nadine Lustre and Yeng Constantino loved this very cake flavor and chose it specifically for each of their special events, Nadine's 21st birthday soiree and Yeng's intimate wedding to Yan Asuncion while Rivermaya's Mark Escueta enjoyed it for some midnight snacking of his own. I had the privilege of tasting this decadent treat for the very first time during a cake tasting for my mom's birthday soiree which I talked about at length here. It was love at first bite for both me and Mr. D. The feedback we've read online from their past clients who chose this premium flavor for their own cake weren't exaggerations at all. Saying it's good is a huge understatement if I ever heard one and dessert connoisseurs alike will agree with me on this.

I am a self-confessed chocolaholic, then again, who doesn't love chocolate right? Whether it's ice cream or cakes, macarons, pancake fix ins, shakes, smoothies, or even milk teas, I tend to always get the chocolate one. It's a classic favorite of mine and I'm sticking to it like glue since it never fails to satisfy my palate every time. Most people do coffee in the morning, I, on the other hand, drink a huge glass of chocolate drink to wake me up. Raw cacao drink everyday that is. I'm also loving the chocolate flavored leche flan that are pretty popular at the moment, now I can't take it any other way but chocolate. But enough about me, let's get back to the cake!

Forgive the quality of the photos, and there is no need to point out that they don't do the cake justice. I know that already but, I only had my camera phone that day and that's all I could work with, so please bear with me. (I know, I know, I need a decent camera for the blog haha)

Don't you just love the simplicity of how Honey Glaze Cakes' Belgian chocolate cake is presented sans the fondant? Well, I do. To me, it's a cake you can get for yourself (that's just me being selfish haha) or the whole family on an ordinary day for the mere pleasure of sinking your teeth into something extra special for dessert or a midnight snack (thanks Mark Escueta *wink). This cake seriously screams chocolate, so don't let the innocent look fool you for even a second. You are definitely in for a memorable chocolatey treat with this one.

I carefully sliced a generous piece for myself and of course I just had to make my favorite cacao drink to go with it. Chocolate on chocolate is the only way to go or is it overkill? Like I care? Haha. As advertised, the cake is rich, super moist and oozing with chocolate flavor. It's covered with mini chocolate chips (which my son loves, he picks them off one by one until they're all gone) on top and a thick fudge of dark Belgian chocolate ganache that melts in your mouth and just tastes divine. It isn't overly sweet like most cakes, that you only get to taste the sugar and nothing else. It's a chocolate cake that you'll be thinking about for a long time after you've had your first slice. And for some, like in my case, it even followed me in my dreams haha, that's how yummy it is! It'll definitely keep you coming back for more. But what can you expect when it's from Ms. Aileen and her team who pride themselves with using only the finest ingredients when it comes to their sumptuous offerings. There is no skimping on quality with Honey Glaze Cakes. It's no wonder that this particular chocolate cake is made from only genuine Belgian chocolate of the highest grade, which is also the key ingredient for the dreamy creamy dark chocolate ganache they use as filling and frosting. It's a chocolate-lover's dream cake indeed! I am admittedly scarred for life, I can't imagine going back to the usual cakes from Goldilock's and Red Ribbon that we all usually go for, after getting a taste of one of the best. 

Why not try it for yourselves? Find out why each person who has ever tasted this Belgian Chocolate cake can do nothing but rave about it and crave for it again and again. Happy eating!

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Article published on April 15, 2015