Imagine being on a mad hunt for great items you just happen to come across in random posts on Instagram or Pinterest. You go through a lot of hoops and hurdles every single day just looking for them and still no progress whatsoever. You finally find shops selling them, but it's always either sold out or the price is just too steep. You want it bad, but you don't want it bad enough to pay that kind of price tag, knowing how much it actually costs. That much frustration can get someone sick from all the stress, literally haha.

Well, that is what exactly happened to me a few days ago. I just recently started collecting items from different craft stores online which included vintage washi tapes (because of my age, I go for vintage always haha), travel post its and stickers (because they look so cute, not that I travel anywhere, by choice), pen sets, jute twines, notebooks and undated planners. Got interested in the growing planner community in the country too, and saw some cute and handy multi-purpose organizer/pencil case that I honestly thought would be perfect to house my pens, slim tapes and stickers I use just for my planner. Found a specific one I liked that matches a planner from my early craft store buys I wrote about here, the Paper Doll Mate Organizer. I was also looking for a lego block notebook (my cousin had a planner of the same cover, she got it from Dunkin Dougnuts last year) and a matryoshka post it set (I just found in a planner enthusiast's post). It was hard to find an online shop that had all three of them, available and come with reasonable prices.

What are the odds of finding them all after 3 weeks of looking, in one shop, all of them on hand at rock bottom prices? The funniest thing was, they were all last piece items! How cool is that? Stumbling upon OkiDoki Crafts was definitely a case of serendipity. They had 1 Paper Dole Mate Organizer, 1 pink Lego Block notebook and 1 set of matryoshka post its just waiting especially for me. It was so meant to be and Ms. Aika of OkiDoki Crafts agrees with me on that note. Check out my haul from this wonderful Bacolod City based craft store!

We chatted through PMs on Facebook and got the details of my purchase ironed out. I settled my bill and they shipped it the minute they confirmed my payment. I got my new stuff the very next day after the bank deposit. I was so giddy with excitement, but held myself pretty well and took pictures before diving into them. Miss Artsy got the lego notebook, she had her eyes glued on it right after I ripped open the package, I just couldn't resist her. The rest are all mine. They even threw in some adorable freebies which I appreciate very much! Thanks again OkiDoki Crafts! 

They mainly do business at their store in Bacolod City, so don't be put off if they're not always online to answer inquiries. They do go online from time to time, although they got back to my questions on the organizer pretty quick, my case I realize is really a special one haha. It was such a pleasure doing business with them. I might really leave my oh so comfy mom cave and head to Bacolod just to visit their shop one of these days. But don't hold your breath, you should know by now how much I'm attached to my cave haha.

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Article published on April 12, 2015