Safe spray to get rid of roaches

If your household is like ours, where messy yet adorable toddlers rule, then you may also have the occasional roach problem like we sometimes do. It doesn't matter how often you wipe the kids down and tidy up after meals. Crumbs will be everywhere unless the little culprits are fast asleep and you finally manage to hose down your entire house. Even the smallest crumb you miss can invite roaches from a mile away, this I know, from experience. Maintaining cleanliness is something we take pretty seriously, especially for the kids whose natural immune systems haven't quite fully developed yet, so making sure that if a cockroach does get inside, it gets eliminated on sight or risk it contaminating every surface area in our home which would call for an emergency general cleaning right off the bat.

Being Filipinos, the first instinct when we do spot a roach is to grab a slipper and smack it dead which is messy and our young ones out of curiosity would be trying to get to it, before we could clean it off the floor, this poses a bit of a challenge. Just thinking about the health risks is giving me the chills. So we decided to look for a different way to effectively kill the pest without having it spill all its guts on the floor and also dirty a slipper. 

We found a fair amount of people who use a simple method of just using a mixture of dish washing liquid diluted in tap water to spray on the cockroach or actually any other pesky pest you want to get rid of. Cool, right? And it's so effective! A huge tip we got from the forums is to make sure that you get to spray the belly of the cockroach. As long as you hit it on the belly it will die. It doesn't matter if it gets away, it will die soon enough and you'll just find it while cleaning, already a corpse. This is definitely way better than dirtying a slipper, and the pest dies without the mess. Just make sure to wipe the areas you sprayed dry to avoid slippery floors that can cause serious accidents. Try it out yourselves! If you like what you just read please click to send a quick vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs- The best mommy blog directory featuring top mom bloggers

Article published on March 16, 2015