An unexpected new love, cheesecake

I'm not a fan of cheesecakes. In fact, I clearly remember hearing about it for the first time on television, when I was still in college and finding it unappealing right off the bat. I mean, just the thought of the combination of any fruit with cheese in a cake sounded pretty weird to me. I even wondered if it was something they'd serve in hospitals or to the elderly (no offense intended). If I had it my way, all cakes would be chocolate, and that's it.

When I was still in San Francisco, California we went to dine in this restaurant called The Cheesecake Factory, where I finally decided to take a bite or even a whole slice of cheesecake, if it at least had a decent taste to it.

The name of the restaurant gave me high expectations, plus there was a line. We waited a good 20 minutes before one of the staff could lead us to our table. I think we were the fifth in line when we got there and people were still coming in. We ordered a couple of appetizers to share, individual entrees, different cheesecakes and drinks which I am having a hard time recalling. Guess what cheesecake I picked? Of course, it was chocolate. The whole meal had an Italian feel to it, minus the desserts, and we all agreed that it was forgettable. My sister said that I make better pasta dishes at home than what they served us, even the hors d'oeuvres were just so so. The cheesecakes all kind of tasted the same, which was funny since we each got a different flavor. Quite frankly, they were all one note, and sour. The texture was fine, but sour was all we could taste. Was it the sour cream they used? Anyway, flavor wise they just fell flat. My opinion on cheesecakes from then on, went further downhill. I never ate another cheesecake again, well, that was until Honey Glaze Cakes.

Just take a good look at their blueberry cheesecake, that I was fortunate enough to sample on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Yes, I admit that the old familiar feeling when it comes to cheesecakes was there, but the look, smell and of course knowing who the artist behind the cake was, got rid of any reluctance that usually crept in whenever I see the said cake. I actually couldn't wait to sink my fork into this utterly lovely offering.

Just look it at! Mr. D, when he got home that is, couldn't quite believe that I managed to take pictures of it. He would've gone straight for a knife and fork immediately after opening the box, screw taking pictures of the whole cake haha. Well, that's Mr. D for you.

He was out since morning with Miss Artsy and the in laws. They went to spend an afternoon of fun at Manila Ocean Park, which of course I opted out of. The Little Hulk and Little Miss Banshee weren't that travel friendly yet and I wasn't personally up to it. Staying at home was great and there was cake! So without further ado, let me tell you all about my Honey Glaze Cakes blueberry cheesecake experience. (Now wasn't that a mouth full, even for me? Haha)

I was in such a hurry that I forgot to sharpen my blade, so please forgive the sloppy knife work on the cake slice haha. First, I tried each element of the cake separately, dissecting it just like how my friend Tom Colicchio usually does (*wink). Here's the breakdown:

The blueberry compote was bursting with blueberry flavor, but how would I know that right? Staying in California for almost half a year definitely had its perks, there were always fresh berries in the supermarket waiting for me. I've had enough raspberries, blackberries and blueberries during my stay in Sacramento to be able to identify the flavor of each berry even when cooked down. Now, I'm missing Cali and the fresh berries. Oh well.

The cake itself was light and fluffy, not the dense and heavy kind that we are mostly accustomed to when it comes to cakes and other desserts in general. It also had a delightful creamy texture in my mouth, that I have never before associated with cakes. There was a hint of sourness there but it was certainly nothing like the last cheesecake I had back in 2010. The crust was downright amazing. It had the perfect amount of sweetness and this nutty, buttery crunch that made me think of summer ice cream pies.

Now, it was on to that perfect bite. The crust, cheesecake and blueberries just tasted heavenly together. The sweetness that came from all three elements combined was just right. The blueberries weren't at all overpowering, it was rather subtle but also flavorful enough to be recognized in all its berry goodness. The crust went so well with the creaminess of the cheesecake which added that much needed contrast in a textural aspect. It was a party in my mouth. The blueberry cheesecake was in all respects superb. So to cut this review short, I came from never even considering cheesecake as a dessert to absolutely craving it, but only if it's from Honey Glaze Cakes. Hello my new love!

Mr. D, when he finally had his own slice went absolutely silent. I remember the first time I got a coveted short rib dish right, there was silence around the table. We all had our heads down, shamelessly stuffing ourselves with food. It was a good thing that it was just us, since it wasn't a pretty sight. We were basically like the Flinstones family, yes, good table manners flew out the window folks. So anyway, Mr. D's silence was a good sign. And when he did finish his cake, his first word was "Wow." followed by "Ms. Aileen definitely knows what she's doing, there is some pretty serious baking skills involved here. You should write a review!" It was like he read my mind. The kids adored the cheesecake as well, they went straight for the light and fluffy cake. Our son kept pointing his finger at the middle part, then he'd ask for some of the compote after and left the crust to his sister. I guess it's safe to say that it won over my whole fam.

Now I wonder if we should do a wedding with all the trimmings just so Ms. Aileen can do our cake and we can go for a cake tasting at their fabulous office and cake studio. Haha. Did you know that they have cake tastings everyday and that they also do delivery! They don't just make cakes for special occasions too, so whether you're just craving for quality desserts or suddenly felt like giving your wife (dropping hints for Mr. D, am I really that desperate? Haha) cheesecake to enjoy on the weekend then just give Honey Glaze Cakes a call or check out their official website and Facebook page. Awesome right?! Do check them out!

Visit their website: http://honeyglazecakes.com.ph/
Address: 114 Ocampo St, Don Antonio Heights, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines 1121
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Telephone: 632 703-2414 | 632 346-7336
Mobile: (63)922 8279848 | (63)920 9525166 | (63)917 5214883
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Article published on March 4, 2015

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