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It happened one weird morning, when I woke up to the sudden realization that I was nearing my 100th post on this blog. It was a huge milestone in my blogging career and that definitely called for something special. I just didn't know what exactly. I spent the rest of my morning wracking my brain out but still, nothing, so I gave up. "I'll put it on a shelf for now and figure it out tomorrow when my brain is in a cooperating mood, which it is sadly not, at the very moment." I thought to myself.

I remember checking the Top Mommy Blog's forum and coming across companies looking for mom bloggers to post reviews about a book that hasn't come out in the market yet. They were parenting books which was great but I knew for a fact that my chances were really slim seeing that most of the bloggers who responded do book reviews for a living. There was no way I was going to make the cut. So, I just hurried along to the kitchen and checked on what I could put together for lunch.

Thank God for blessing me with a husband who always says the right things at the right time, good food and the answer were served at 12 o'clock. Over lunch, I told Mr. D about the book reviews I found in the forums and he brought up the graphics tool review I did, which went over well by the way. He also suggested that I should do reviews on books authored by Filipinos. And then it hit me, a give away that had books in them! Brilliant! So I was off to hatch up the perfect plan to do just that.

Paano Ba To?! by Model TV-Host Bianca Gonzalez and Stupid is Forever by Sen. Miriam Santiago were the first books that popped in my head. They were all local bookworms on social media were talking about. The book launches and signing events of the authors. How they couldn't wait to have their own copies, and even how hard it was to find them now. So, the hunt for these sought after books was on. Since I rarely go out, I had to ask one of my cousins to get me copies of the books during her free time. She got me Sen. Miriam's book but Bianca's was currently out of stock. The next week she went to different branches of National Book Store but came back empty-handed. So, we were just planning to wait until they restocked.

I don't know exactly what came over me, but I suddenly went to National Book Store's website and started checking if I could buy the book from there. I read that for the availability of Bianca's book I had to email them at this address: customerservice@nationalbookstore.com.ph, which I did. I got a prompt response informing me that they had 2 copies on hand and that I should let them know if I wished to proceed with the transaction. I added another copy of Sen. Miriam's book and provided them with my contact and shipping details. I chose Cash On Delivery, but there is also the options of paying thru bank and Paypal. Being that my shipping address is outside Metro Manila I was expecting the books to arrive around 3 to 5 days after the confirmation of my orders, so I was surprised when it came just after 2 days. I was sleeping at the time and Mr. D was still at home, so he was the one who received and paid for the books I purchased online. 

Paano Ba To?! was priced at P245 each and Stupid Is Forever at P175, I was charged a minimal shipping fee of P120 for Rizal areas. The books were in mint condition, still sealed and smelled new haha. New books, same prices as in the physical stores, you don't have to go out and they accept COD payments. It's just the same as buying from the National Book Store branch near you, only in the comforts of your home. How convenient is that right? It actually saves you time you can never get back and money.

Now I'm on to more online window shopping, I need more items for my first ever give away. And yes, I am giving away a copy of each of the 2 books you see in this post. Stay tuned for more on my 100th blog post give away! Free stuff is awesome haha.

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Article published on March 5, 2015

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