The best of both worlds in cakes

When I think of birthdays and weddings, I think of cakes. Having the perfect cake for that special occasion isn't that easy. It's a rare thing nowadays to have a spectacular looking cake and also have a delicious one at that. I've been to so many parties back in the day and let's just say that the cakes I've had never delivered on both the design and taste aspects at the same time. I have to admit that I've seen fantastic looking pieces but some were sadly, solely for display purposes only, which was baffling to me. Cake is for eating. I know we eat with our eyes first but I think they forgot that we eat with our mouths next? I remember one time when the guests did get a share of the beautiful fondant cake, it was just straight up sugar. That's all you could taste. You couldn't even tell where the frosting ended and the cake began, or what flavor it was, for that matter. Dry and crumbly cake that's only redeeming factor is that it matches with the celebrant's elegant dress, yes, I've had my fair share of those as well. I've also experienced being served with absolutely delicious cakes that was lacking so much in presentation that it ruined the overall experience in the end, it a was a bit sloppy. Harsh but true none the less. Don't worry, I just kept my thoughts to myself, I wasn't rude enough to blurt out "It tastes way better than it looks." I'm not a Top Chef judge,... Wait for it, wait for it... Yet. Haha.

It's definitely hard to find a local cake supplier that can give you an aesthetically pleasing center piece for that big day and have it also please you and your guests when it hits your palate. There are loads of them in the states, I've had cakes there that looked too good to eat and were just killer on the taste department. Is it even possible for us here in Manila, to get both and not sacrifice one for the other? Fortunately for us, there is Honey Glaze Cakes. Yes, I've told you about my mom's birthday cake here, their new office and cake studio here, and about their rock star client here. But it doesn't stop there, there is still more to tell.

Feast your eyes on Jolina Magdangal and Mark Escueta's son, Pele's whimsical picnic themed birthday cake by Honey Glaze Cakes. They even made the beautiful cake spread.

How about Mr. International 2014 Neil Perez' cakes for both his send off and victory parties, yes, they made them too.

And check out Mr. Ben Tulfo's birthday cake! Belated Happy Birthday Sir!

 (Photo credits to the owners)

The cake artist extraordinaire/pastry chef/owner of Honey Glaze Cakes, Ms. Aileen Conde agrees that cakes for any special occasion should be eaten and shared with the guests. So it shouldn't just look good for show, but also taste fantastic. Honey Glaze Cakes specialize in customized cakes that satisfy both the eyes, palate and their clients' budget. Yes, they can work around the client's requirements when it comes to design and even the budget without sacrificing the taste. I still remember my mom's cake, designing that one was easy and fun with Ms. Aileen's help, plus I honestly think that it came with a very reasonable price tag. We definitely got what we paid for, and then some. The cake was a conversation piece, the rave at the party that clearly exceeded expectations. Now, to answer my own question as to whether it is possible for us here in Manila to get the best of both worlds (a cake that tastes as good as it looks), with Honey Glaze Cakes we can.

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Article published on March 23, 2015