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Being a wife, a mom of three, a homemaker and blogger can be considered quite a circus act at times. Juggling this and that while trying to keep the peace at home is a challenge I usually find myself in, on a weekly basis. Something to help ease a task, for me, is always a welcome addition to my personal arsenal just to get through a normal day. Youzign is a great online graphics software for busy bloggers like me, who are hands on with their blog's aesthetic design and even customize their own article images.

I have been blogging for just over a year now and Photoshop has been my one true ally when it comes to my blog's overall look which I am still not fully satisfied with (it's a work in progress) and all of the images I use in my posts. It has also been a major cause of my on and off blog career. I have been on so many extended blogging hiatuses that I've lost count and It's not because I can't write my articles, no, that's the easy part. I just can't post anything without editing images that would go perfectly with the write ups I do. I needed an image editor that was quick and easy to use, and you can't say that about Photoshop. It takes great deal of concentration and a bit of skill, no matter how basic, to use it. Image editing while a two year old is yanking on your sleeves is close to impossible.

I am very fortunate to have the chance to test Youzign and after a few days of using it, let me just say that, I don't think I'll be going on another blogging hiatus anytime soon with this tool as my new helper. People who are put off with Photoshop because it's basically too complicated for them to use, will definitely love this one. It's so user-friendly that my ten year old figured out how to use it in just 10 minutes. And I am pretty confident that my mom will get the hang of it in a week, max, and she's already sixty. The software has pre-designed social media formats for Facebook, Youtube Channel, and Twitter, which are up to date and are the perfect image size for each one, cover photos made-easy right? They also have templates for Infographics, flyers, business cards, and more. Check out a screenshot of when my ten year old tried it out (she even wrote "awesome software!" which should tell you something) and a simple business card I made in just 5 minutes:

You can upload your own photos or check out Youzign's library of built in images. The graphics tool is also linked up to Pixabay and Iconfinder (where I got the adorable social media icons I used in the business card I made) for instant access to both copyright or free images and graphics. What really got me was how easily I could line up elements, which could be a bit of a pain. It was effortless with this tool. Surprisingly, I had fun the whole time I was using Youzign, instead of the usual frustration I get when I just couldn't position some objects exactly where I want them. The grid view hurts my eyes, so it was never an option for me. I can see myself using Youzign for creating logos or banners and still catch my two year old before he spills his drink and makes a complete mess. It just took out the word complicated from image editing but still get awesome quality graphics.

What's also great about Youzign is that, it's online. So, as long as you have internet connection and an updated browser then you can easily access the graphics tool from any computer. No need to download or install anything, which saves you hard drive space unlike Photoshop, which takes up a lot.

Youzign is fully customizable, so the possibilities are endless when you design. It's like an online user-friendly Photoshop. It's already an amazing tool in my opinion, but I have it on good authority that they will be adding more features, graphics and templates to their existing library that will make it even better! It's perfect for homemakers for their DIY projects, like designing invitation cards, thank you cards, tarps, table cards, school projects and more. Business owners can also benefit from using this tool for making impressive promotional ads for their company in a cinch. So whether you are a mom like me who loves graphics designing, a student, an e-book author, a social media marketer or an entrepreneur you should definitely check out Youzign!

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Article published on February 21, 2015

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