Just send me a Viber message

Who doesn't have Viber? Surprisingly a lot of people actually don't, which I just recently found out about. And to tell you the truth surprised me a lot. Hopefully, this article will make them at least consider installing the app in their smartphones. Why am I promoting it? Well, it's because I use it on a daily basis that saves me a lot from sending text messages and making calls the traditional way which costs extra money. As long as you have internet connection then you're good.

When we discovered Blackberry's BBM (although a bit late) in 2010 and how cheap the service was, we jumped on it right away. But it wasn't really that popular since the service was only exclusive to Blackberry users back then, so it wasn't for everyone. RIM did release a BBM app for Android and iOS on September 2013, but there were already other mobile messaging apps out there that actually excel in that specific area of service.

One of them was Viber. I didn't really have the app installed on my phone until just recently when I discovered online shopping through Instagram. Viber is one of the most popular modes of communication used by shop owners. I got the application immediately on my phone and tried making inquiries about some items I wanted to purchase in shops. It was pretty handy, it was just like doing SMS and calls but through the internet. You can send images too, which works well for IG shops for when clients ask for actual photos of the items on hand or something along those lines (which I did) and for sending proof of payment in real time. There are other cool features as well. Me, I just adore those stickers haha. So now almost everybody I know has Viber, making it easier for us to connect no matter where we are in the world. Our family treasures our privacy maybe a bit more than others, so although we have social media accounts, we don't post pictures of our kids online. Sending pictures of our children on a daily basis to our families who live abroad using Viber, I have to admit is pretty convenient.
Why not try it out if you still haven't, a mobile messaging app that will surely stretch your peso! :)

Download Viber here.



Article published on February 13, 2015