The multi-purpose mason jar

Were you one of those who picked up on the mason jar trend? I actually didn't know what they were exactly until last year when they invaded Pinterest. Now they're even on Facebook and Instagram, making it a bit impossible for anyone to miss them unless they're not into social media. From drinking jars of green juices, smoothies, fruit-infused water and teas, to flower vases and dessert jars.

I've seen them being used in cafes and cupcake shops to serve their drinks in, instead of the usual cup, glass or mug. You have to admit, drinks really do look better and more interesting when served in mason jars. I personally love the idea of using them as decorative accent pieces and for organization around the house. If I didn't have 2 toddlers and a kid-proofed home, I would've jumped on that particular bandwagon a long time ago. Believe me, our house would be mason jarred to the fullest.

As of now we own a 16oz green heritage Ball mason jar with a Ball straw lid that I won in an Instagram raffle, which I'll be happy to tell you about in another article. I only got to use it a couple of times for my raw cacao drink sessions, until Mr. D took it with him to the office. It currently lives in his office locker, which is fine with me since he uses it everyday at work. We also own two wide mouth 32oz Ball mason jar and one regular mouth 32oz Ball mason jar, all bought from ETC by Cami. We originally purchased them for the birthday party (as decor) we threw for our youngest child last year, now we use them to store our fave nuts and dried seeds for snacking.

Ball, Yorkshire, Kerr, Weck, County Fair or the Libbey, Harvest Time and Del Sol Ice Cold are just some of the brands to check out when looking for mason jars. There are clear, tinted, with handle, without handle, wide mouth, regular mouth and they also come in different sizes. Not all mason jars are the same, like the Ball and Kerr which were originally made for canning and preserving food, making them safe to serve hot drinks in. Some are even freezer safe like the small quilted ones which look really nice as mini vases because of the special design on the glass.

Now that we have established that mason jars are quite versatile, you might now be wondering about where to get some for yourselves right? Well, you can get them in malls or go to Divisoria for the best deals but for hassle-free shopping at home, I suggest these legit Instagram shops:

There are other online shops that sell them too, but I highly recommend these 4 shops based on popularity and awesome customer feedback. I have personally purchased from 2 shops on my list, Ms. Nana's All In The Bag and ETC by Cami. They both have great customer service and I got my mason jars delivered straight to my doorstep, exactly the way I like it. Check them out and start hoarding those mason jars! ;)


Article published on February 12, 2015