Bits and pieces of a weird puzzle - that's us and our story, just sharing.

Our story is about two people who didn't have anything in common or so we thought, brought together by a scorching day and an unused Hello Kitty hand fan.

A beautiful friendship was born, that led to long conversations over the phone, every single day. Our best friend status was established just a couple of months after that weird fan incident haha.

An unexpected status change, a group movie date in an SM Cinema with close college friends, big mac meals and a buddy's opinion on the real score made us take our relationship to the next level, today, 13 years ago. 10 years of married bliss and 3 kids later, I still remember the movie, Kate and Leopold, like it was yesterday. Hugh Jackman and Meg Ryan were awesome! Oh and the question I didn't have the confidence to answer at the time. Thanks to our friend who answered the question for me hahaha. He even said that it was the obvious answer, I guess I was that easy to read huh. That about sums it up because that is just about how much I can divulge, you know how much we value our privacy. Sorry, if I left you hanging haha.

Happy Anniversary to me and Mr. D, thanks to 13 crazy years! May God continue to bless our union, may our relationship glorify His everylasting name.

How about you, what's your story? Does it also involve a fan or going to the cinema?

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Article published on February 26, 2015

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