Make your parties extra special with milk tea

When we were planning for our daughter's 1st birthday, we were wracking our brains out, thinking of ways to make the event extra special. We didn't want the usual candy or sweet treat station and give our young guests sugar shock that could last for days, their parents wouldn't thank us. Plus we couldn't serve something that we ourselves don't let our own children eat, and it definitely wasn't something that both kids and adults could enjoy. We were so blessed to have a friend in the milk tea business who offered to put up a milk tea booth for the party. She and her family were supposed to enjoy the party as guests, but instead decided to serve up their delicious milk tea blends to everyone. It was such an unexpected gift for our little angel that Mr. D and I couldn't believe the delightful turn of events.

You should know by now, that I never really go out except for emergencies, seriously, the last time I went out was a month ago and that was to settle some bills to IG shops. I was gone for less than an hour, I brisk walked the whole time. Anyway, being a hardcore homebody, I have never tasted authentic milk tea or bubble tea before which I have on good authority has been making waves for the past year and giving traditional cafes a run for their money. There's Inifinitea, Serenitea, and others, and I admit to being curious about them. But not enough to leave the comforts of my home to get me some haha. So the party also marked my first milk tea experience, it definitely made me all the more excited for that day.

Three awesome flavors were served to us and our guests, we had the choice of Dark Chocolate, Strawberry and Wintermelon. Guess which flavor I got for my first ever milk tea? Dark Chocolate of course! I didn't know milk teas could taste that good! Back when we still stayed in Africa, I did drink some green tea with lots of milk, ice and sugar, but that doesn't count as the real deal and the taste didn't come anywhere near the one from A-Rest-Tea's. The milk tea booth was an excellent addition to the party, something that we ourselves would drink, something that was delicious that both our young or not so young anymore guests can enjoy.

Here's the Milk Tea booth set up by the party venue's bar area. Cute, right?

One of my high school best friends, let's call her Ms. R haha and myself had our photos taken by the booth with drinks in hand. We both got the same yummy flavor too because that's what best friends of the same size do! Hands down, the Dark Chocolate was the best for me. I guess I'm just a sucker for chocolate, specially the dark and rich variety. Mr. D was more into the Wintermelon flavor which was bright and totally refreshing. And the Strawberry had a good tang and fruity note, I forgot whose drink I sipped from though haha. All in all a milk tea experience to remember and crave for. 

We can't thank our friend enough for making the party even better! (More on A-Rest-Tea Place in another article)

Want to add something different, yummy, refreshing and healthy for your special day? Why not book A-Rest-Tea and get a milk tea booth. Your guests will definitely enjoy it, like ours did! :)

A-Rest-Tea Place - Authentic Taiwanese Milk Tea
Shop Address: 128 Real St. Daniel Fajardo, Las PiƱas 
Near the Bamboo Organ Church, across Food City



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Article published on February 14, 2015

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