Human Scale Book Launch

Shelter Architecture and Design Magazine is pleased to announce the release of the publication’s debut book, Human Scale, the first title in an upcoming series of architecture monographs. A launch will be held this coming March 7, 6PM at Fully Booked Bonifacio GlobalCity, Taguig. Dinner and cocktails will be served in celebration of the event.
Human Scale takes a look at the works of WTA Architecture and Design Studio, a multidisciplinary firm composed of young architects, interior designers and engineers. The ten chapter book illustrates the concepts which the firm has found relevant in the practice, and which serve the need to find and explore new ideas in order to create a sustainable and livable urban model.

“Potentials and capacities of scale catalyzed the concept of the book,” explained Ar. Royce Mar Nicdao, editor-in-chief of Shelter. “It is an enduring theory of architecture that we felt the studio could explore through our designs. This database of projects encompasses a wide range of situations and solutions with highly significant degrees of variation in scale”
Nicdao adds that the plethora of designs presented in the monograph asks, affirms, and sometimes invent architectural designs that contribute to the pool of current local design knowledge. The book deprovincializes accustomed architectural comprehension through extensive design responses, which are not essentially limited for local application.
Human Scale will be available in bookstores nationwide by March 2015. For more information, you may contact Shelter Magazine through sheltermag.ph@gmail.com and WTA Architecture and Design Studio through contact@wtadesignstudio.

You guys are probably wondering why I'm sharing this, well, I was supposed to take Architecture in college. This is actually right up my alley. Anyway, I passed the entrance exams in University of Santo Tomas back in 1999 and was seriously considering it. But I was under the impression that I still had hope to grow a bit taller and anything that would weigh me down was out of the question. Seeing some archi students during a visit to UST and the huge things they were carrying around, that most definitely won't fit in a locker, was what actually put me off haha. A bit petty maybe, but I was seriously banking on at least reaching 5 feet. I thought going archi would hamper that haha. It was the 90s, big and clunky were still in, plus I don't seem to recall if InteriCAD was already present then.

If you're into Architecture and Design like I am, then this book launch might just be your thing. Join Shelter for the official launch of Human Scale! Be there for an evening of celebration at the Top Shelf of Fully Booked Bonifacio Global City.
RSVP to sheltermag.ph@gmail.com / +639175978163

Human Scale will be available on March 2015 in bookstores nationwide.

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Article published on February 18, 2015

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