Gorgeous handmade pillow bows for our darlings

I had a sudden fascination for accessories with flower resins around 8 months ago and was browsing through a couple of Instagram shops looking for them. I came across Ms. Nicole's (Fayery Trinkets owner) post of a vintage ring, a rose resin ring, a white bag and necklaces that really caught my eye but ended up falling in love with her handmade hair accessories that I forgot all about my accessory hunt. Finding out that the owner was based in Pampanga made me follow Fayery Trinkets on IG immediately, the urge to support a Cabalen was just too strong haha.

I was still new to IG shopping at the time and didn't know how it went for each shop, so I was hesitant in placing an order. I did however start to check out her IG shop for new posts on a daily basis, I just couldn't resist not seeing those pillow bows of hers. I mean, just look a them. (Photo credits to Fayery Trinkets)

I finally got the opportunity to purchase some around November last year while I was organizing my youngest daughter's first birthday and IG shopping definitely played a key role (as you all know by now I rarely leave the comforts of our house). It was so convenient to shop for clothes, shoes, and DIY party supplies at home. Unfortunately, with everything going on at the time I didn't order the handmade pillow bows ahead of time and there was no way that they were making it on the party, but all was good. I received them Monday after the weekend of the party and let me just tell you how happy I was with my purchase. They were perfect, even Mr. D and Miss Artsy were impressed with how beautifully crafted they were. They look great on our Little Miss Banshee, I make her wear them everyday for an added feminine touch since she is on the bald side like I was in my baby years.

My second purchase from Fayery Trinkets was brought about by Miss Artsy's 10th birthday last month, it was just a simple celebration at home but I wanted to make it more special. DIY projects on decor, games and of course a custom pillow bow of her own came to mind immediately. I ordered 9 more petite pillow bows for our baby and one for our celebrant. This second transaction revealed to me that not only is the owner, Ms. Nicole a passionate artist in her chosen field but a truly admirable person through and through. I remember something Tom Colicchio said on one episode of Top Chef, "People go to a restaurant for the food, they come back for service." She's the type who goes the extra mile as long as it is within her capacity to do so. Clients like me shop at Fayery Trinkets for the beautiful handmade hair accessories, we keep coming back for more not just because of the products but also because of the flawless service.

I was giddy with excitement over our latest set of pillow bows to arrive, I went crazy with floral prints and colors that would match my daughter's clothes and complexion. When we did receive them, again they did not disappoint, talk about eye candy. Miss Artsy hurriedly tried hers on and confessed "I wasn't that excited about it because I thought I would surely look silly with it 'cause it's for babies, but it looks good on me right, Mommy! Now, I want a collection of my own too!" Hearing that just made my day. She looked great wearing her petite pillow bow on her birthday by the way and I heard a couple of her guests complemented her on it. Now she wears it everyday to school. I so need to get her more haha. Actually, we are now in the process of choosing fabrics for our 3rd purchase, there are just too much to choose from that she got overwhelmed and couldn't decide on which ones to get. I do know that she's set on getting a Lemon petite pillow bow for her bestfriend who's favorite color is yellow, she just can't get a fix on hers yet. I heard her the other day while she was browsing through @fayerytrinketsguide and @fayerytrinkets, muttering to herself "I want to buy all of them, even the crowns! Ugh. Which ones to choose?!" Hopefully we can place an order soon haha. Too bad the fabric I fell head over heals with, the English Garden, is already sold out. Praying the fabric store restocks haha, one can always hope!

Mommies, do check out Fayery Trinkets on Instagram and Facebook! ;)

Official Instagram Account: http://instagram.com/fayerytrinkets
Official Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/fayerytrinkets
Soon on ZALORA! 

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Article published on February 2, 2015

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  1. So cute and girly. This is a good business to consider for housewives. Office Supplies in Cebu