Our all-natural DIY toothpaste recipe

Just sharing our homemade DIY toothpaste recipe, which is all-natural, free of fluoride and other toxic to human chemicals. ;)

I'm not into exact measurements like Mr. D is, the only trick is to put equal parts of the Virgin Coconut Oil and Baking Soda to form a paste. Then add enough peppermint oil (or mint and spearmint oil, whichever you prefer) to your liking. Even the amount of Stevia depends on how sweet you want your toothpaste to be. By the way, if you can't find packets of powdered Stevia then you can buy the leaves instead and boil it or just infuse a bottle of the Coconut Oil that you're gonna use for the mixture with it. We recommend only making small batches, since there are no preservatives added to this mix.

Making your own toothpaste from scratch will definitely stretch your peso in more ways than you know! ;)

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Article published on February 2, 2015