My first ever event organizing gig haha

The reason for my extended blogging hiatus, the Little Miss Banshee's 1st birthday and our first ever hands on DIY party. Hats off to event planners everywhere, this is a seriously difficult business you've gotten yourselves into and I don't think I have the heart to take on that much pressure and stress haha. Once a year might be my limit to tell you the truth. Party planning was definitely a whirlwind but the end result was worth all the fuzz and truly rewarding. Here's a look:

Here is our humble set up for the cake and give away station. The amateur art on the tarp was designed by me, thanks to some basic Photoshop skills. Everything from the painted 2 feet paper mache letter standees to the 5-tier cupcake tower except for the paper lanterns (Daiso), table, table cloth (catering services) and cakes were bought from local Instagram shops. Online shops definitely played a key role in this DIY party, we couldn't have pulled it off without them.

A closer look at the tarp design.

DIY Vintage kiddie loot bags.

Mason jars filled with wooden chalkboard stands and paper straws on the cake station and even on each table for accent pieces.

The catering services were excellent, the staff were very helpful (assisted us with our DIY decor and set up) and friendly. The food was superb and we noticed that each of our guests came back for second helpings and even thirds, which included us haha.

We didn't order any desserts from the catering service, since we already had a cake and cupcakes that were more than enough for each guest. Instead we went old school and got some Fibisco favorites like choco mallows, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate pretzels and choco sticks. Too bad the choco crunchies were out of stock, those would've been great as well! The kids went gaga over them.

Kudos to my best friend for the lovely photos!

The simple yet beautiful cake for our little one. There's a lot of decadent chocolate cake under all of that fondant by the way.

The cupcake tower, decorated with washi tapes.

Painted 8" paper mache letter standees.

The ferris wheel cupcake holder, mason jars and chalkboard with easel.

The actual party give aways (in those small vintage packages) were DIY key chains that we designed ourselves and put together. We bought blank acrylic key chains from OLX, printed out a design we made in Photoshop on good quality photo paper, cut them into rectangles and placed them inside the key chains. Totally DIY, it was a team effort with Mr. D. 

Milk tea booth set up in the bar area of the party venue. The chalkboard with easel for the menu and 4" paper mache letter standees definitely gave it a much needed pop wouldn't you agree? It's my first milk tea experience and A-Rest-Tea Place surely made it wonderful. Ang sarap ng Dark Choco Milk Tea! More on that in another article, soon. :)

Things didn't go exactly (the stressful part) as planned but I think overall it still went well. Not too shabby for first timers like us right? It's not foe everyone but in our case we'd do it again in a heartbeat after realizing how much money we saved on doing everything we could ourselves instead of hiring professionals. In my book, DIY parties will definitely stretch your peso!;)

Instagram Shops:
Chalkboard with easel by @designsonus
Paperstraws, Chalkboard marker by @partyperfectph
Cupcake Cups, Painted 2 feet, 8", 4" Letter Paper Mache Standees, Paperstraws, Chalkboard stands, Custom Bunting, Paper Doilies, Paper Cups by @chicdv
Clear Ball Mason Jars by @etcbycami
Tinted Harvest Time Jars, County Fair Jars by @allinthebag_ph
DIY 5-tier Cupcake Tower by @lalos_place
Ferris Wheel Cupcake Holder, Cupcake & Cake pop Stand, Dessert Stand  by @shyshopii

Paper Lanterns, Wooden Clothes Pin from DaisoPH

Cake and Cupcakes from Wednesday's

Milk Tea Booth by A-Rest-Tea Place

Photo Coverage by Ms. Irish Gail Degala



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Article published on February 9, 2015

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