I found treasure at the end of the rainbow!

I was a girly girl once, before the whole I just love boots and anything red stage, long story, and now the minimalist took over for practical reasons. I used to love vintage things and couldn't get enough of florals and pastels. I remember collecting super cute notebooks, diaries and planners, which I never really did use. They were just too pretty, I couldn't find it in my heart to mess them up with my handwriting. I was also always on the look out for furry pens and anything glittery that would fit in my pencil case. I was hoarding. Man, I blew most of my lunch money on all of those, and now I'm kind of wondering where they all went? Yes, they vanished and now I want them back! Haha.

I actually thought that I had lost that girl completely, now that I'm 30. Imagine my surprise when I found myself glued to @caboodlebox's posts on Instagram. I kept scrolling down and staring, and scrolling down again and staring until I got to their last post and did it all over again. I happen to stumble on their account while searching for materials I needed for the DIY party I was organizing that very month. I ended up landing on a gold mine. They had cute planners, pen sets, stamps, stickers, ink pads, tote bags, notepads, paper, washi tapes, gift bags, gift tags, gift items and so much more. If you're a collector of cute things, a crafter, into scrapbooking, or just love to add personalized touches to everything you own, then this is the perfect shop for you.

I got 4 Air Mail and 4 Camera note blocks, a sticker and washi tape set and their alphabet Sketch stamp set the first time I purchased from their online store. I gave away most of the note blocks to family and friends, which were all well received. Of course, I kept some for myself and Mr. D. The stamp set is an absolute dream, watch out for the DIY craft projects! Soon!

I got myself their complete Alphabet Stamp set for my now growing collection and some washi tapes next. I used both for the DIY loot bags and decor for my daughter's 10th birthday which we celebrated at home with a few guests last January. I don't remember if I took pictures of my DIYs though haha. It was a crazy hectic time for us. Did I mention that I got freebies on both transactions? Well, I did!

I just absolutely love all of my Caboodle Box buys! Their shop carries unique cute items that you can't really see in malls, specialty shops or the usual bookstores. And even if you do, I don't think they will come anywhere close to Caboodle Box's unbeatable prices. You know the complete Alphabet stamp set I bought, a friend of mine had one and she said she got hers for more than half of what I paid for! It was such a steal! Talk about satisfying your craving for cute and dainty without breaking the bank! The best part for me, as always, is that I still get to shop without leaving my mom cave. I am so hooked on Caboodle Box that I confess to stalking their Instagram account every single day haha. Speaking of which... I think it's time to check their shop again!

That's a preview of my third set of orders! Some for me, for Miss Artsy and a brewing give away to celebrate my coming 100th article on the blog. Yahoo! Stay tuned for updates! (Naks)


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Article published on February 28, 2015

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