Over the last few years, Filipinos have been eating out more or just ordering take out and cooking less at home. Do we even have to wonder why more and more people are getting sick often? Why cook at home? It's healthier and costs a fraction of what we'd usually spend at a restaurant. Cooking at home sets us up for making better choices when it comes to what and how much we eat and drink than when we eat out or go for take out. It is also a fun learning activity that we can share with our family and friends.

It's true than we you become really dedicated to a healthy lifestyle for yourself and the whole family you will find yourself in a situation where nothing just seems good other than what you cook in your own kitchen. You go to the grocery store, realize most of the "food" on the shelves are full of toxic chemicals used as preservative, and end up buying toiletries instead. You even leave the "health store" empty handed after reading food product labels. You go to a restaurant, check their menu, ask the waiter if they don't use MSG, GMO or corn-fed beef and he gives you a look that says "GMO, corn-fed beef? I have no idea what you're talking about." but says they don't on all accounts. Makes you wonder how safe it really is to eat out. In my opinion, cooking  your meals daily and from scratch is the only option if you want to stay healthy. You save yourself and your family from food like products filled of GMO, MSG, artificial sweeteners and other toxic to humans chemicals which are linked to cancer and other diseases.

Fast food is a convenient route a lot of people take and rather cheap but will send you to the hospital if you make it a daily habit. Cooking at home for the whole family will save you a lot on medication and hospital bills with a little bit of research on how to make them tasty without ruining the good stuff. Searing off meats to lock in the flavor with just salt and pepper is a good technique to make your dish tasty without adding MSG. Coating your meat and veggies with Turmeric powder before cooking will help protect them from turning carcinogenic in the cooking process, it doesn't change the flavor, only the color. I highly recommend blanching rather than boiling for another healthier cooking approach.

Miss Artsy loves it when she takes part in cooking our family dinners. Both she and the Little Hulk often find themselves ending up in the kitchen after following the smell of tasty goodness currently brewing in the pot. Kids are very honest and will tell you exactly what they think about the food, the perfect taste testers, adjusting the saltiness and sweetness of the dish is easy when we take their input into account. Getting them involved in cooking will not just make them appreciate food more, but will also open their eyes to eating healthy. Cooking my 4th grader's packed lunch from scratch daily not only ensures that she gets healthy meals even at school but definitely gives it a more personal touch compared the easy meals of cold cuts and processed meat. She likes telling her friends how her packed lunch is cooked with love on a daily basis, which just makes it all the more worth the effort.

People who don't have time to for a healthy lifestyle will soon have to find time for illness. Cooking at home will bring you one step closer to healthy living while still stretching your peso!;)
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Article published on October 19, 2014

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