Who doesn't know about the most talked about and even tagged as controversial, Bagoong in the Philippine social media scene? With some local celebrities raving about it on their Instagram accounts there is no denying the fact that Yana's shrimp paste is one of the best you'll ever taste. I am truly blessed and honored to be given the chance to sample the shop's famous bagoong and chili oil. Both were seriously addictive, no wonder patrons keep coming back for more after having a taste.

The bagoong was heavenly with the forever perfect combo of "Manggang hilaw with bagoong" and also Hikama or what we call Singkamas. I for one am not a fan of the famous Pinoy pairing, maybe it was because the other bagoongs that I've tried in the past just didn't cut it. But after having it with Yana's bagoong I have become a true convert. It has the perfect blend of sweet and salty that I personally love. We tried adding the bagoong to our favorite pork dish with squash and string beans and let me just tell you how utterly divine it was as an end result! Haven't tried making my own Binagoongan with Yana's shrimp paste yet but I bet it'll be awesome too! I actually asked the owner in passing if it was a secret recipe and she said it was indeed a family recipe, her Aunt's to be exact and the chili oil is her own. Impressive right?

The chili oil, Mr. D was a fan of. Being a Cebuano, he's more adventurous and into spicy food, really spicy food that yours truly in all honesty can't handle. Added to his favorite Asian stir fried dishes or just as a condiment on the side to add a special zing that turns a great meal extraordinary. It goes well with Siomai, just added some to the toyo-mansi we serve it with. Dipped our favorite finger and fried foods in it to satisfy his Cebuano palate that requires a certain degree of spiciness in every meal.

Check out Yana's shrimp paste and chili oil, you can purchase online through their official Instagram and Facebook accounts. Shop with confidence, former Onlineshopaholic that has been in business since 2006, Yana's has been reviewed and is part of the Legit Seller list on E-Buyer's Guide Philippines! Order now and find out what their patrons and the local stars are talking about! Don't just take my word for it, try it out yourselves! ;)


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Article published on October 25, 2014

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