Living in the Philippines means being used to around 19 or more typhoons a year which affects the price of fresh produce in the local market a great deal. I for one am very concerned since I only cook with fresh produce, not really into the canned and processed food just for convenience sake. Convenience over health has never been an option in our home yet, maybe if a war breaks out or some crisis along those lines then maybe I'd consider getting the canned ones for survival. Another thing is the alarming amount of pesticide/insecticide sprayed on fruits and veggies by the big farms. We don't have that much organic growers in the local scene, making organic produce very expensive. Then we have the GMO or Genetically Modified Organism, which is something all of us should be concerned about. You can't wash off the pesticide from those because they're inside the fruit of vegetable already. So when you eat GMO produce, you will be eating chemicals that are linked to cancer and other diseases as well.

After taking the big leap of cooking our meals daily, the next big step is to take on the farm-to-table sustainable movement. This means growing our own food to cook. Small scale farming to feed a small family not only helps us but also the community. How? If more and more people grow their own food, then the demand on the local market will go down. The price will depreciate as well and will help those who can't really grow their own food due to various factors, like people who live in buildings which don't provide a space for gardening.

Growing food at home means your family can enjoy fresh organic produce without the hefty price tag. Organic tastes better and minimal washing is needed compared to the chemical laden conventional produce we buy in the market. It's healthy. Having your own vegetable garden at home is also very educational for the kids, I know Miss Artsy and the Little Hulk will love getting down and dirty helping in the small farm we're about to start. Have your kids help, I heard it'll do wonders. Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can grow a food garden at home right? All that, plus it's very convenient to have and you'll even learn how to cook based on seasonality which is really good. Cooking based on the seasonality of fruits and vegetables is how they did it back in the day when everything was still organic, back to basics as they say.

I'll be posting about how our own home food garden is progressing, so look forward to that! Why not give it a try, yet another way to stay healthy and stretch your peso! ;)
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Article published on October 22, 2014

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