Here is another one of my online shopping adventures on Instagram, this time it's a bunch of accessories that really sing to me. Am I turning Fashion blogger? No, far from it. I just know how to appreciate beautiful things when I see them and my vintage finds from SimpleJoysPH is a perfect example for that.

Saw these vintage rose rings first on Amazon and then on an IG account of a mom selling some preloved clothes and accessories she rarely used. The shipping fee if I do get it from Amazon was going to cost me a fortune, so that was out of the question. On the other hand buying that one ring from the IG account wasn't so practical either since the shipping would cost more than the item itself and I couldn't find anything else from her posts to purchase. Thank goodness I stumbled on SimpleJoysPH who had different vintage accessories to choose from!

The shop owner was a joy to chat with and closing the deal on my chosen items didn't take long. I gave her my details, then she gave me instructions on how to settle my bill and let me know that it'll take 2-3 days for my package to arrive after she receives payment. I got it done the next day through bank deposit and true to her word I received my precious finds 3 days after.

Just look at them! Lovely aren't they? I don't even care that all the rings are too big for me, I wear one of them when I write blog posts which Mr. D thinks is weird. I gave the earrings to Miss Artsy which she immediately wore to school the next day. All in all I am once again a very happy client of an IG shop. Thanks SimpleJoysPH for the smooth and fast transaction! Oh and for my freebie! Definitely beats buying from Amazon! I got my vintage fix while still stretching my peso!

IG Shop: http://instagram.com/simplejoysph

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Article published on September 18, 2014

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