I have recently been hooked on the Instagram craze and have joined the ranks of people who check it everyday, not for posting selfies though, but actually for window shopping, product reviews and meeting fellow bloggers. You can buy almost anything online nowadays and in the Philippines IG sellers are everywhere. Needed Capricho was one of the first IG shops that I kept tabs on and now I am a certified Capricho Girl after purchasing my first pair of shoes from their fab selection.

Needed Capricho is one fast growing shop of locally made shoes and bags on Facebook and Instagram. Their proudly Marikina made shoe line, Capricho Lane is getting rave reviews from their customers, yours truly, being one of them. I stumbled upon their shop through the SFS/Ads of other shops I was already following on IG by chance. Their ad that was posted was of a tan colored Coleen T-Strap pair which I thought was absolutely adorable and immediately followed their account. I was staring at all their shoes for days. They all looked great, had my size, a variety of colors, affordable and made to order unless stated on hand.

After a week of window shopping I showed my cousin a picture of the shoes, she was impressed as well and that sealed the deal for me. We both decided to order the same black Coleens. I messaged them through Viber, it was Ms. Vanessa who answered all of my inquiries and in the end took my order.  She was polite and very patient with me, being just my second time purchasing through IG, I had a lot of questions. I payed through bank deposit and got my orders after 2 weeks and they were awesome! They fit me perfectly and are really comfy to walk around in, even my cousin had only good things to say about her pair. Just look at them when worn.

For Marikina made shoes that won't break the bank, Needed Capricho is highly recommended in my book. Get your fashionable shoe fix while still stretching your peso! Check them out today!

Instagram: http://instagram.com/neededcapricho
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/neededcapricho

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Article published on September 13, 2014

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