I don't know when I stopped going for the loud chunky attention grabbing accessories that I usually lean towards. Maybe turning 31 did it and toning down was inevitable when it comes to dressing up. Tuesdays and Fridays caught my eye when I saw the shop owner's selection of vintage inspired romantic accessories that definitely fits my recently new style. If you're into vintage like me, you should check the shop out.

I don't quite remember how I found the shop's Facebook page but I'm really glad that I did. The owner, Ms. Tuesday, is a home-based wife and mother who designs mostly handmade pieces. She has lockets, bracelets, rings, pocket watches, necklaces, USBs, bags and purses. What really caught my eye and drew me in was the Twilight Rose pocket watch. Just look at it.

Sadly it was already sold and it was so rare that she couldn't guarantee that she could restock. But I got it in the end! I will tell you about it later on. So I was a bit heartbroken after finding out that I only had a slim chance of getting the piece I wanted. But then, she had other great pieces that I could choose from and can purchase them at a fraction of the cost since she's having an Anniversary auction on selected pieces for a month on eBay Philippines. Check out the pieces I won! I didn't get the Arwen necklace but 4 out of 5 is not bad!

Some of these pieces are going to special someones in my life which they don't know yet. Special accessories for special ladies, I hope they don't read this post haha or it'll spoil the surprise. Before I could finalize my order though, Tuesday asked me if I was still interested in the Twilight Rose since she found one when she was cleaning! Of course I was, so we added that to my purchases.To wrap it all up, I payed for the accessories plus shipping fee through online bank transfer and am now waiting for them to be delivered. Part 2 of this online shopping adventure after I receive them! Do check out her shop!


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Article published on September 22, 2014

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