My love affair with IKEA started in California, back in 2010. I didn't know what I was getting into until I visited one of their stores, it was like a dream! They had everything and I wanted to buy the whole store or live in it! Talk about quality products that don't break the bank, they were all priced reasonably! I was so sad to leave the store behind when we left the states. We actually took a lot of IKEA items back here in the Philippines thinking I wouldn't be able to buy any of them locally. So happy to have stumbled upon Creative_Moms for my every IKEA need!

I found their Instagram account just in time, we were in need of plastic dinnerware for the kids since the Little Hulk started to eat on his own and we wanted to stay away from the broken glass scene as much as possible. I immediately messaged them through Viber (I just love Viber) and pre-ordered the items I wanted. At first I ordered 2 IKEA Ice Loly Makers in 2 colors, the complete KALAS dinnerware set, and 2 medium FRAKTAs for Mr. D. I payed through bank deposit and sent them a copy of the transaction to confirm payment. They promptly gave me updates on my orders and unfortunately the Ice Loly Maker was out of stock, since it sells like hotcakes it was inevitable, I was just too late in ordering. These things happen, it's out of their hands. Anyway, they politely suggested I change the item, so I opted for the KUSINER storage set which was ideal to help me with organizing the little ones' clutter and add a splash of color in the room.

I got my orders, and let me just point out how happy I am with the whole transaction and ultimately my purchases! I'm definitely sticking with Creative_Moms for all of my IKEA needs! Check them out yourselves!
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Article published on September 13, 2014

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