Don't you just hate it when chair legs become uneven and the chair wobbles? Well, wobbly chairs annoy me, and having one around the house constantly bugs me. While a repeatedly folded piece of think paper might be a temporary solution, I still wanted to look for an easy yet more permanent fix that won't cost me much.

Fortunately, I came across a simple fix for my chair problem on Pinterest, using a wine cork.

Here's what I needed:
  • A wine cork
  • A sharp knife to cut smoothly through the cork
  • A cutting board
  • Really strong glue (Mighty Bond)
The process is really easy. All you have to do to is cut a disk from the cork that’s the appropriate length to even out the chair legs. What I did was put the cork down on the ground right next to the leg and placed the knife right under the leg. With my knife, I put a small knick in the cork at the correct height to serve as my marker. Then, I cut the cork slightly above the mark I made, and the height was perfect. I applied just enough amount of glue to the disk and attached it to the end of the chair leg, let it dry and it's done. No more wobbles.

I'd suggest not using the stained end of the cork since it may mark your floors. Otherwise, corks are soft and won't scratch the floor, so they're a great, cheap solution to uneven chair legs.

Eliminate the wobble while stretching you peso! ;)

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Article published on August 11, 2014