Online shopping was never really my thing but being a full time stay at home mom, physically going out to shop became close to impossible in my case. Recently signing up for a separate Instagram account for my blog opened a lot of doors for me, since my personal IG is private I only let people I really know or personally interact with on a certain level, follow me and see my posts. The blog account is a whole different story, it gave other people more freedom to interact with me and there I discovered legit online sellers that would help me with my shopping needs.

The day has finally come for the Little Hulk to embark on a new journey and travel down the road of independence, eating by himself is at the top of the list. A high chair where we could strap him securely and wouldn't topple over, we knew was going to play a key role in helping us achieve this goal. I browsed through numerous IG accounts that sell kids stuff and ended up finding the perfect high chair for our son from @akire03nc's dreamy selection. The Keter Multi Dine 3 in 1 High Chair caught my eye because of the sturdy design and the fact that it could be used from baby to toddler years, it meant that Little Miss Banshee can use it too. I showed my husband pictures of different high chairs that were available and he also zoned in on the Keter one, he said the others can fall down easily just by looking at them. More about this great product from Keter on another blog article I will be posting.

The decision being made, I immediately commented below the Keter High Chair post asking for the price. I got a quick response and contacted the IG seller through Viber. Ms. Erika was very accommodating, she was very patient with me and provided all of the information I needed in order to purchase the product. I settled the payment thru online bank transfer last Saturday and sent her a picture for proof of payment, she was kind enough to send me updates regarding my purchase after. I got pictures of the high chair out of the box and of the package minutes away before being shipped through her personal courier. I got my order yesterday which is just 2 days after I transfered the payment, a quick and smooth transaction all in all. I'm a very happy and satisfied client right now, making my first Instagram shopping experience a great one!

Moms and Dads, I highly recommend that you follow @akire03nc on Instagram and browse through their wide array of products perfect for your little ones. They have authentic branded beds, cribs, strollers, bags, doll houses, study tables, toys, and large playsets that are all brand new and much more affordable compared to mall prices! Check out their IG shop today!

Who needs to go out to shop? Prices are better and you don't even have to leave the house, definitely stretching your peso! ;)

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Article published on July 15, 2014

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