The KETER Multi Dine High Chair Review

I've always thought that we would never purchase another high chair again, since the first one didn't really do much for our eldest child. We totally forgot that the Little Hulk is different from his big sister who is happy to sit in one place. Our boy refuses to stay put and runs all over the house even when eating which turns meal times into long games of tag and clean up the whole house after, which happens every single day and definitely has to stop. Purchasing a high chair where we could strap him in and let him practice eating independently was what we came up with, so we got him a Keter Multi Dine High Chair to share with Little Miss Banshee.
We purchased ours from an Instagram Legit Seller @akire03nc, you can read about how it went with my transaction with Ms. Erika on my previous post, My First Instagram Shopping Experience.

The Multi Dine High Chair is the award-winning brand Keter's first nursery product which I found out, became a recipient of a Core77 Design award this very year. 

It comes in a box, that at first I had a hard time believing a high chair would fit into, because of the compact size. I was expecting a far bigger package than what was handed to us. 

When I emptied the box, I honestly thought that some parts were missing until I read the manual and found out that everything for the Multi Dine High Chair, stores inside itself! Amazing isn't it?

Reading instruction manuals are beyond me, so seeing that the parts were all labeled for easy assembly that even I can figure out made me fall in love with our latest buy even more. It even has a diagram at the bottom of the chair that shows where to put everything back when you want to pack it away for storage! Way to go Keter!

Assembly was a cinch, I had a full sized high chair put together in a matter of minutes without breaking a sweat. It appears rather small though, compared to the usual high chairs that we see available in leading stores, but my 2 year old fits great in it. The Multi Dine High Chair is quite stable, the Little Hulk wasn't able to make the chair fall down and he tried it, a dozen times in different ways, making Little Miss Banshee safe from the fall hazards other high chairs pose while her brother is on the loose. It was one of our concerns to be honest, that our little girl would be eating and suddenly her brother bumps into her chair for whatever reason and the whole thing falls with her in it. This chair's design eliminates that particular risk completely, making this mom one happy client.


The Keter Multi Dine High Chair is a high chair that grows with your child. It converts from your standard high chair into a booster seat that is great for families who are always on the go. It has a five-point harness for extra security which is positioned quite high for additional support for newly sitting babies, a soft seat cover that can be taken out and washed and an adjustable Smart tray that includes 3 positions and has an easy to remove liner for easy clean up. It's suitable for children from 6 months to approximately 4 years of age. When your child is ready to sit independently it can also be converted into a junior seat by shortening the legs and removing the tray and harness. Check out this video on this amazing product here.

A compact size, easy to clean and pack away, stable, lightweight high chair that grows with your child until he's 4 is highly recommended in my book. One buy that will definitely stretch your peso! ;)


Article published on July 18, 2014