Having bookworms for a husband and daughter duo is a pain sometimes since they go through pages so fast they run out of books to read in just a matter of days and they'd be itching for new ones right away. And this particular tandem being old school just makes it even harder because they won't go for ebooks, they want to physically flip the pages and get a real feel of the book. Fortunately, they can still build their own library on a budget thanks to Book Sale.
Book Sale is like a flea market for great book finds, you just need to really dig deep and look for the treasures that are hidden among thousands. Basically, you need to take your time and really check out what they have on the shelves, because like my better half always says "You'll never know what you'll find in their vast selection of books, there's just so much."

Mr. D has been a regular Book Sale customer since I can remember. And what really drew him to the store other than the rock bottom prices, was the fact that they had a friendly staff and they let you read the books then and there, even if you don't purchase any. You see, back in college (before Powerbooks came along and started the trend), you can't read books in leading bookstores in the malls. If you do, you'd be called out by a store personnel or security and receive a warning. So yes, during those years, going to Book Sale was a pleasure for avid readers.

My husband and our very own Miss Artsy never skip out on dropping by a Book Sale branch whenever they go on a Dad and Daughter date, which is a weekly thing for them. On one of their trips our daughter found an activity book of a British kids show on BBC, Charlie and Lola which is based on a best-selling book. It's a show she got hooked on at the tender age of 4 when we stayed in Africa for almost 2 years, and she hasn't gotten over it yet. In fact, she still enjoys watching all 80 episodes of it with The Little Hulk, after study time on school days and even on the weekends. I could just imagine how she felt the moment she laid eyes on the book, I'll just bet she was all giddy with excitement! Her dad told me she was really stoked with her find, especially when she found out it would just cost her 100 pesos to take home the book. Is there any reason to wonder why she loves going to Book Sale so much? Or why the specific stop never fails to be the highlight of their weekend adventures? And I just told you about one book, her growing Book Sale finds collection and that of her dad's is growing in rapid succession, which should tell you something.

If you're like my two and want to build your personal library without breaking the bank, drop by a Book Sale store near you and start your own collection now while still stretching your peso!

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Article published on July 6, 2014

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