If you're a health conscious mom or a foodie like me, I'll bet you know all about the most sought after super food to date, Kale or "Kina" (what local farmers call it) in tagalog. A vegetable that is definitely not easy to find in Manila since it is a form of wild cabbage that naturally grows in Europe during the winter season. I've been asking other moms and researching a lot on where we can buy some, so here's what I've found so far:

    • Farmer's Market Cubao, vegetable section near Dampa side (Tip: Early Mornings on a week day)
    • Healthy Options
    • Salcedo Weekend Market
    • Benguet University stall at the Centris Market in QC (formerly Sidcor/Lung Center)
      You can also have Kale and other fresh organic produce delivered to your doorstep, check out:
      • Sky Garden Organic Farm on Instagram and Facebook
      • The Green Grocer Manila www.thegreengrocermanila.com
      • SugarLeaf www.sugarleafph.com
      • Valley Greens Kale on Instagram

      Happy to have found a number of sources of Kale, but I'm definitely considering trying to grow my own because of the hefty price tag it comes with.

      If you want your family to be healthy, there's no avoiding the leafy green vegetables, and Kale is a powerhouse when it comes to nourishment. It is a good source of calcium, fiber, iron, folic acid, amino acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, antioxidant flavonoids, lutein and magnesium. It is also very easy to prepare, versatile, and delicious.

      Adding Kale to your family's diet will definitely save you a lot on trips to the doctor and prescription drugs, stretching your peso.



      Article published on June 7, 2014