Secure Buttons with Clear Nail Polish

Most hands on moms have been there: Washing and ironing our kids' clothes and discovering the threads to the sew-on buttons are starting to unravel, due to wear and tear. Now here comes the dilemma, making a choice of whether or not to remove the button, find (purchase) a matching thread and reattach it or risk it coming undone and falling off (loosing the button, now you have to look for and buy a matching button as well) while being worn by your kid on a later date. Decisions, decisions.

Of course, taking out the buttons and resewing them is an option, but looking for the exact matching thread color can be a pain. Instead of that headache which I'm sure you're familiar with, just use a coat of clear nail polish to seal the thread in place and stop it from fraying.
Tip: Make sure to carefully trim/cut off any loose strands before applying the polish.

Prevention is way better than repairing it. Just a dab will keep your buttons in place, saving you energy, precious time and a bit of money stretching your peso.;)

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Article published on June 12, 2014