When most of the members of your family is on the active side like mine, you constantly look for ways to have fun even on those days we get gloomy weather. We can't just let the rainy season stop us from getting a bit of exercise and enjoying ourselves. That was the case, when we were forced to spend all day inside and had to forgo riding our bikes around the village because it started to rain. With our plan failing miserably due to the weather, I decided to tackle organizing a bookshelf to be at least productive. Out bounced 2 ping pong balls from a pile of small toys at the top shelf, straight to the dining table.

I called Mr. D and asked him, "What do you see?" He couldn't figure it out at first but when he eventually did, he went straight to where we store all our sports equipment. And when he came back, the 1st round of "Dining Table" table tennis started right off the bat, the kids were ecstatic. The adults had a couple of games, then we had turns battling it out with Little Miss Artsy who was a bit clumsy.

You'll just need an at least 6-seater dining table, table tennis paddles and balls (you won't even need a net) and basic skills of the sport itself, then you're all set to go. 

It was definitely endless fun for our family until we all ran out of energy to play, and we didn't even spend a single centavo, stretching our peso!

What's your indoor activity when it's pouring outside?

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Article published on June 23, 2014

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