This is a continuation of my mini series of articles tackling the world of online jobs: Legit Online Work At Home Jobs | Elance

Have you heard about ODesk?

ODesk is one of the largest market place site in the world right now, that's why it is popular for people vying for virtual assistant and other freelance positions online. It is an online staffing marketplace which  connects buyers(clients) to remote workers(freelancers). It targets businesses that intend to hire and manage remote talented workers which is the new trend. There are a variety of job categories like SEO, transcription, content writing, research, software development, graphics design, web designing, data entry and so on.

It isn't exactly a new concept, there are tons of other staffing market place out there like Guru, Freelance, and Elance(which I featured on my first post for this mini series). ODesk has a user friendly workspace and great communication tools like ODESK Team. It has easy methods to withdraw money, and very good customer support.

Try signing up today! It's FREE! Just make sure to read and understand their policies, complete your profile and upload a picture.

ODesk will require you to take readiness tests before you could apply for a specific job position. You are also obligated to take some skill tests such as English proficiency, spelling, grammar and skills like MS Word, MS Excel, email skills and other basic office skills tests. Some clients might require a high grade in a certain area before going on to the next step. Be ready to present your portfolio online, articles, references and any other sample works you've done in the past.
Working online is a dream opportunity because you can land jobs and work anywhere as long as you have a laptop or PC and good internet connection. 

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Article published on October 26, 2013

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