How would you like to cook recipes with tough cuts of meat in a flash. Some people are afraid to deal with tough cuts of meat because they are very easy to mess up, which may spoil a well planned meal as an end result. Don't miss out on these flavor packed jaw busters!. It's essential to learn how to tenderize short ribs, shank, flank, brisket, rib, chuck, shoulder, because quite frankly they have the most flavor compared to tenderloin and the like, without the hefty price tag mind you. Here are three of the most popular techniques of tenderizing meat and another technique which I use when I'm in a hurry.
  • Pound away with a Meat Tenderizer Mallet (A little elbow grease goes a long way)
  • Marinade with fruits (try citrus fruits, pineapple and kiwi)
  • Slow-cook
Now here is the quick fix:

Adding ice while the meat is still hot to drop the temperature (meat must become cold) then bringing it up again to a boil will do the trick. Simmer until the meat is at the level of tenderness you want. The result is tender and tasty meat with body in less time.

I hope this technique on tenderizing affordable tough cuts of meat in a hurry helps you stretch your peso. ;)


Article published on February 4, 2013